Welcome to The Story Community Learning Center

A place for storylovers to self-improve together.

The Story Community Learning Center

About Us:

Our mission is to connect with storylovers, connect storylovers to each other, and connect all of those storylovers to new ideas and possibilities so that we can all learn to see more like our heroes and be more like ourselves.

Why You Should Join:

Improving on your own can be lonely and depressing, and the longstanding institutions originally built for group self-improvement — ie schools, churches, and the self-help industry — have increasingly alienated their audiences with debt, dogma, and bullshit.

If you feel alienated by these institutions, too, then this is the place for you.

Welcome home.

Whether you wanna find answers, engage in meaningful conversations, or simply have fun while you learn, The Story Community Learning Center can help you...

• Find life lessons in the movies, books, and tv shows you’re already watching

• Apply those lessons to your everyday life and

• Turn your own personal experiences into educational stories to share with the group

Our Mini Manifesto:

We believe stories unite us, and make us human.

We believe we can write and rewrite the story of our lives.

We believe in seeking meaningful discomfort, good trouble, and creative tension.

We believe life should be more like the movies. 

We believe in growing without growing up.

We believe in seeking first to understand, then to be understood.

We believe “normal” is boring af.

We believe “white hot and passionate is the only thing to be.”

We believe “the only constant in life is change.”

We believe stories, and the people who tell them, have the power to change the world.

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